Radon Thermal Dunstbad Bad Gastein
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Radon-Thermal Vapour Bath

Intensive absorption of radon exposure without stress on the cirulatory system

The natural healing power of the spring vapour rising from the Gastein thermal springs has been recognised for centuries.
Tried and tested a thousandfold in spa treatments since 1784.

The thermal water vapour runs directly to the box baths through the Quelle (spring) IX (Elisabethquelle) spring tunnel in a shaft system.

The spa patient sits in spacious single cabins for about 20-30 minutes, allowing the fresh spring vapours to work their effect. The therapeutic principle behind this is a very intense absorption of radon, which is possible without stress on the circulatory system. The vapour bath does not have the hydrostatic pressure of the full bath.

The radon thermal vapour bath is a significant complement to the Gastein thermal treatment, and the former combines the benefits of the thermal water with those of the Gastein healing cave.

In the box bath fresh air is breathed at room temperature, which has considerable benefits for sensitive patients. The radon treatment can also be individually adapted for each spa guest without putting a strain on the heart or breathing, which is not possible with the thermal load in the baths or healing cave. Vapour baths can be (are) used as an alternative to the Gastein healing cave. The radon content is almost identical. "Cave-light".

People who suffer from claustrophobia who do not wish to go into the Gastein healing cave due to a fear of confined spaces can also now book an equivalent radon thermal therapy in the vapor bath.

Radon-Thermal Dunstbad Gastein
Radon Therapie Gastein
Dunstkabinen im Dunstbad Bad Gastein

You need a prescription from the spa doctor for a spa treatment in the vapour bath.
You can get this from any spa doctor in the Gastein Valley and the Gastein spa centres. Your host (guesthouse, hotel, landlord) will be happy to help you make an appointment.